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Posted on 27 December 2016

Meet Chantel - I am a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Fur Mom, Step Mom, Business Mentor & Glam Enthusiast. As you can probably already tell I am a BUSY woman, & I like it that way. You may have stopped by my previous blog a few months back, but we are starting FRESH here with a new vision. Glam Chantel is a place where you can come for beauty advice, beauty product reviews, & anything "Boss Babe" related. If you are a beauty enthusiast and/or a Boss Babe, this is this place you want to be. If you are looking for tips, tricks, hacks, reviews, inspiration, or guidance- you will find it ALL here. Even if you are just looking for a little escape- I got you girl! Now, it's not always "GLAM" being an Entrepreneur, I can assure you! But I have decided that any woman can live the GLAM life! If you want it all, girl GET IT! When you feel like a million bucks, magic happens. I have some exciting content planned to share with you, RIGHT HERE so stay tuned. I would love it if you left me some suggestions on topics you want me to cover in the near future. Until Glam Chantelthen, stay GLAM. (SISS)  Hi Chantel, we know your work from lnstagram and we love your strength and inspiration, but can you tell us where are you from and where are you currently spending your time?  (Chantel) Thank You so much, I appreciate the kind words.  I am from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Currently I run two businesses from my home! (SISS)  What was the hardest thing that you had to do in your life (something that you are willing to share?  What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle?  I like to think that we all struggle.  (Chantel)  The hardest thing I have ever done was completed nursing school as a single mother with a baby!  I had a lot of support from my family but it was a very hard five years of school to complete my Bachelors of Nursing.  But, anything is possible if you put your mind to it!  My advice to other single mothers is, go after your dreams and most of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you are unstoppable! (SISS)  What are you most grateful for?  (Chantel)  I am most grateful for my supportive family, my husband, my daughter, and the opportunity to now work from home and build my businesses.  As well, creating my own schedule and focusing on my family as well as my businesses! (SISS)  At Smart is so Sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business. What are you most passionate about?  (Chantel)  I am passionate about being a female entrepreneur, and working hard to achieve my dreams.  I am also passionate about inspiring and empowering other women to do the same! (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life? Any mentors? And how influential have they been?  (Chantel)  My mother has been one of the most influential people in my life as she has taught me to be a strong and independent woman such as herself.  She always encouraged me to go after my dreams no matter what or how big they were.  It was because of my mother that I took charge and went to secondary school as a single mom, and now am a successful leader!

Chantel Balch Smart is so Sexy(SISS)  Where were you five years ago?  What advice would you tell your five year old younger self?  (Chantel)  Five years ago I was just graduating as a RN (Registered Nurse), starting my career, working full time shift work in the hospital.  I now only work casual as a nurse because of the strong physical and mental demands on my health.  If I could go back five years ago and tell myself something, it would be, money isn't everything, your daughter, your health, and happiness are far more important than any amount of money. (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day?  From Waking up to going to bed, can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  (Chantel)  My typical day now consists of waking up with my family, sharing breakfast with them and coffee with my husband.  I then take my daughter to school and usually head to the gym right away for 1-2 hours to get my energy up. Once that is all done, I head home to work from my office on building my businesses.  I run a contracting business and I am also a Make-Up Boss. I spend most of my day doing office work. I then get to pick my daughter up from school and spend the evening with my family!

(SISS)  What's your current vision for your life? And what do you want your legacy to be?  (Chantel)  My vision is to be a successful entrepreneur.  I want to work hard to build up my businesses so one day my husband and I can retire young and travel the world.  I hope for my legacy to be an inspiration to all women who dream of owning and running their own businesses.  I want to share my knowledge along with my journey, to help other women follow in my footsteps. Women are strong and intelligent and we can do anything we set our minds to.  Advice and support is always important, I hope to be able to share those with other #BossBabes!

Chantel Balch Smart is so Sexy(SISS)  Can you tell us more about Younique Products?  (Chantel)  I run my own business sharing Younique Products. This is where "Make-Up Boss” comes into play. I have always had a passion for beauty and make-up, and what better way to empower and uplift women than this! Younique is a global company which is based on Make-Up and Skin Care Products.  All of the products are natural and mineral based, and cruelty free which is amazing.  I loved the products so much that I jumped on board to share them with other women.  Now I am building my own team daily and empowering women to build their teams too.  It is so rewarding and it really makes me happy to build an empire with other amazing women around the world, thanks to technology! (SISS)  How do you feel about “Perception is Reality" ?  Especially when people see a photo and assume what they want. Does that bother you that people may think less of someone because of the clothes they have on?  Do you think women should be mindful of the image that they are portraying?  (Chantel)  I think “Perception is Reality" is true for much of society, especially with technology and social media being our forefront.  It does bother me that many people think less of someone based on their clothes, looks, or individuality, especially if it is out of the norm.  I do also believe women should be mindful of the image they are portraying of themselves.  I think all women should be confident and proud of who they are and share their beauty and talents with the world.  Social media is a fabulous way to express one's individuality.  Being mindful is important though, as what we post on the internet is there for life, for anyone to see.  As women we need to stay true to who we are AND make a positive influence on society!

Chantel Balch Smart is so Sexy(SISS)  What is your favorite Food?  What is your favorite book?  When do you feel the sexiest?  What was the craziest or riskiest thing that you ever did in your life?  (Chantel)  My favorite food that’s a tough one because I truly love food! Ha-ha.  I would have to say stir-fry, because I love the variety of it.  My favorite book right now is "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero it is a powerful and inspiring read! I would say I feel the sexiest when I get to put time and energy into myself to get all dolled up. When my hair and make-up is all done and I have a nice outfit on.  I feel confident, sexy, and unstoppable this way! And, the craziest thing I have ever done would have to be Skydiving, you only live once right?!  (SISS)  Who in this world right now is a definition of greatness and why?  (Chantel)  I think ALL of the female entrepreneurs in this world, are the definition of greatness. With all of the obstacles, I think it is so brave and inspiring of women to stand up and take charge of their own lives. It truly is a beautiful thing!  (SISS)  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat?  Which platform do you use the most to best market yourself or your brand?  (Chantel)  I use Facebook quite a bit as well as lnstagram.  My favorite social media is lnstagram by far, I could browse on there for hours. (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow? (Chantel)  Jaclyn Hill is an inspirational beauty blogger that is so down to earth, beautiful, and humble.  She truly cares about her brand, image, and followers.  She is a classy and smart woman!

(SISS) What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Chantel)  Smart is so Sexy is a fabulous statement that could not be more true!  As women we can all get dolled up with make-up, but to use your mind to create things and inspire others, that is true, authentic, and sexy!

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