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Smart is so Sexy is a T-Shirt Company that I started in 2013. We are based in Kissimmee, FL but ship world wide, while providing free shipping. We take positive messages and design them on quality, comfortable shirts.   We love the motto, Don't Just Wear the Shirt, Live it... Smart is so Sexy shows what we stand for, and what we are about. Which are motivation, inspiration, empowerment, and strength. Smart is so Sexy represents many people and we want it to represent You...

Smart is so Sexy also teams up with Mama Foundation. For every shirt sold proceeds goes to buying backpacks for Children in Jamaica. The Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica has very poor conditions and parents who cannot afford to provide their kids with tools needed for school to be successful. What we do is help provide those tools. We send backpacks pack with school supplies to children in need. We would love your help.

We have a Campaign called Photo for Charity for #ChildrenInJamaica When you purchase a shirt Post it on Instagram, twitter or Facebook mention us @SmartisSoSexy - @MergeBy and use hashtag #PhotoForCharity #ChildrenInJamaica

We Thank you so much for your support 


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