With Britani Birchmeier

Posted on 02 July 2016

Women who are striving for greatness. Women who are about their business and the business. Women who are about creating their best body with fitness and nutrition. Women who are creating their best and inspiring people to create their best. Meet Britani Birchmeier, showing why Smart is so Sexy. 

(SISS).     Hi, Britani, We know your work from instagram, but can you tell everyone where are you from and what have you been working on? What high school or college did you attend? What did you study?
I was originally born in Brazil, and was adopted to the States when I was just 4 months old. I grew up in a little town called New Lothrop, Michigan. I have been working on becoming my own brand. Starting my own training facility, beach boot camp and Promotion Company. But honestly, helping people become better and reach their goals whether it is in fitness or life is my true passion. I attended New Lothrop High School and I went too Lansing Community college where I played basketball for two years and soon transferred to Baker College to finish. I studied Kinesiology.(SISS).     TheDenSolo.com can you tell us more about this? Any other business ventures that you could share with us, currently or future? The Den Soflo is something my Partner Susie Jetta and me have come up with that is going to include fitness, promotions, and representation agency. Basically the over all man Hub for our company. Currently, I am in the process of starting my own Training Company. Looking for the perfect space and brainstorming major ideas to bring my own unique feel to the fitness world. I also, have been doing beach boot camps that I want to bring on a larger scale and really launch come August. Along with The Den promotions that will take smart & sexy girls out in the business world to promote different companies all over south Florida.

(SISS).     You are very much about fitness and nutrition but have it always been this way? Do you remember the moment you decided to commit to fitness?
I have always been into fitness; I did gymnastics, soccer, basketball, track and volleyball growing up. I was a super big tomboy lol. As far as nutrition goes that really didn’t come into play until I was about 23 years old. I really started to notice my body changing and not reacting to carbs the way I would like. I started picking up the weights and focusing on eating well, drinking my water and committing myself to the lifestyle.(SISS).     You inspire your fans with your photos and your work, is there anyone in the fitness world, personal world or celebrity world that inspires you and why?  I am a very self-motivated person. I have come so far because of the visions and goals I have for myself and although sometimes I slow down, I never stop. So many different walks of life inspire me to be better, anyone that I help or motivate, whether that is 1 person or 500.. Keeps me pushing, each and everyday! God is my number one and without his strength, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.

(SISS).     Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  
A typical day would be wake up around 6 am, pray and thank God for another day, have a nice balanced breakfast.. Beach boot camp at 7am, train my clients through out the day, and get my training in myself.. then around 7-8, I like to prep my meals for the next day and wind down with some "me" time. Reflecting on the day, Writing in my goal book, planning out the next day, Reading, or watching some reality TV (quality pleasure) lol

(SISS).     Five years from now, where do you hope to be? What’s your vision for yourself five years from now? I honestly never have been much of a "5 year plan" type of person. I try to focus on the 24 hours that I have in front of me and always continue to grow and become the best version of myself that I can possibly be. I do know that I will be successful, at peace and proud of myself for how far I have come. Wherever I am in 5 years, I know it is exactly where I am meant to be.

(SISS).     Do you prefer a man who is book smart or street smart? Or must be both? Do you prefer men who spend most of his day in a suit or jeans?
I prefer a little of both. I like a man that is intelligent but also has a little swag to him, lol. I can say some pretty off the wall things sometimes that make no sense what so ever, so if he was too book smart it just wouldn’t work, I need him to laugh at me! lol.. It honestly doesn't matter to me, as long as my man is ambitious, hard working, respectful, loving, and loyal and striving to be better.. he can wear whatever the hell he wants! lol

(SISS).     What do you love the most about instagram? What do you hate the most or could live without on instagram? Social media question, Facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat? Which one do you use the most? I love instagram because its honestly is a great way to self-promote yourself and communicate and reach millions of people all over the world. I could live without the negative comments from Internet bullies that are really not needed. I probably use Instagram or Facebook the most, snap chat 3rd and Twitter last.

(SISS).     What is your favorite thing to eat? FRENCH FRIES ALL DAY!

(SISS).     What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  At the end of the day looks fade, it really is who you are in the inside that will really connect you to people. Energy doesn’t lie and you can only fake the funk for so long before the truth of whom you really are is revealed.

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