Courtney Bighorse

Posted on 16 May 2018

(SISS)  Hi Courtney where are you from and where are you currently spending your time?  (Courtney)  I’m from (east of) Houston. I’m currently living in the city now, but most of my time is spent 30,000 feet in the friendly skies and everywhere else.. #flightattendantlife  (SISS)  What was one of the hardest things that you had to go through? What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle?  (Courtney)  The hardest thing I’ve gone through is losing myself after losing the closest person in my life to cancer. My advice to anyone dealing with the death of a loved one, or anyone who is struggling to find themselves is: never allow yourself become a victim in this world, and while you are coping, don’t surround yourself with people who do. Allow life to happen and don’t let it change who you are.  (SISS) Tell us more, who is @CourtneyMisae and what are you most proud of?  (Courtney)  @courtneymisae IS... she just is. She’s wherever the wind blows her that day. She can be a mess at times, and too free-spirited, and overly blunt, and corny most days, but she has a good heart. I would say I’m most proud of my resilience throughout every struggle I’ve ever faced.  (SISS) One year from now what do you hope to have accomplished (business or personal)?  (Courtney)  In a year, I hope I will have continued to grow in my art career, and by that time, created my own “signature style” and composed a portfolio I am proud of.... I also want abs by then :)  (SISS)  How dedicated are you to fitness?  What is your fitness goal?  On your body, what is your favorite body part and what is your least favorite?  Courtney Bighorse(Courtney)  I’d say I’m very dedicated to fitness, but then there’s things like pie and Captain Crunch and WingStop, and I’m dedicated to those too. My favorite body part would definitely be my thighs and my least favorite is my teeth (does that count as a body part?). I believe my fitness goal is to strengthen my core and work on my flexibility.  (SISS)  What makes you the happiest? What is fun for you?  (Courtney)  hmm. What makes me happiest is (geez, this is a tough question cus I’m so easily excited about so much, but..) being anywhere in or on the ocean. Fun for me is: reptile conventions, my pets, motorcycle rides, boat rides, lazy days with genuine people, painting, writing, new shoes, adrenaline rushes, parking lot conversations about life... I could go on forever. :)  (SISS)  How do you deal with disappointment? How do you Keep Going?  (Courtney)  I deal with disappointment by accepting it. You’re going to be disappointed at some time in your life, you either change the situation or you let it go.  (SISS)  What is your superpower?  (Courtney)  I would say my superpower is my resilience.  (SISS)  What is your weakness and what do you do to overcome it?  (Courtney)  My weakness is Bluebell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream... you don’t overcome that, you just eat it—and keep it out of your house at all costs.  (SISS)  Can you tell us four things people don’t know about you?  (Courtney)  I can say the alphabet backwards faster than I can say it forward. I hate when people ask me to draw their tattoos. I still can’t seem to spell “restaurant” right on the first try. I am really good at minesweeper (it’s a game).  (SISS)  Can you tell us where else can our readers follow your daily inspiration?  (Courtney)  I’m only publicly active on Instagram, but if you watch any of the shows about the universe on the science channel (ie: how the earth was made, into the wormhole, planets), read Malcom Gladwell, listen to Jhene Aiko and J. Cole, and stalk David Choe’s Instagram (@davidchoe) for a daily dose of weird shenanigans and amazing art, then you can see where my inspiration comes from.  (SISS)  What’s your favorite quote?  (Courtney)  “The beauty of you is not where you are perfect. It is where you are fearless” -unknown. (I really wish I knew who wrote that quote)  (SISS)  At Smart is so sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business.  What are you most passionate about?  (Courtney)  I’m most passionate about MY art.. not the commissioned art I do for extra income, but the art I create from my heart. There’s no better feeling than strangers loving something they never knew they’d love until you made it.  (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life and why?  (Courtney)  My Grampa. He taught me love.  (SISS)  Where were you five years ago? What advice would you tell your five years younger self?  (Courtney)  Five years ago I was waiting tables at Hooters.. I wouldn’t really tell the younger me anything at that time because so many amazing things happened in that span of 5 years as a result of the lessons I learned from my struggles... matter of fact, I would Courtney Bighorsetell her: “Let it all happen.. you deserve it”  (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  (Courtney)  I’m a morning person, so I’m usually always up before 8 regardless of my schedule. Once I wake up, I usually get started in complete silence (I’m a big thinker, so this is my self reflect time).. so first it’s, restroom, a bottle of water, food, hygiene, clean/pick up house, clean snakes if needed, then it’s straight to the gym: sauna, workout, sauna again (at this point once the music starts in the car ride there, it does not stop the rest of the day), grocery shop if needed, home, music on speaker, undress, food, shower, lotion.. from here I either start getting ready for flight attendant work or I start painting/writing, I take FaceTime breaks throughout the day with my closest friends, I snack regularly, I cook and eat dinner (usually a bag of brussel sprouts and some sort of protein: fish or chicken), back to doing something artsy (iPad ProCreate if I’m traveling; canvas if I’m home), hygiene (wash face, brush teeth), meditate before bed (music off), and I’m usually asleep before midnight. Once a week, I let my snakes out to roam, I go visit my parents also once a week to go see my dog and cat, and every two weeks to get my nails done with my mom (it’s our thing), flag football Monday nights (when I can make it).. and that’s really it.. I’m quite boring. Lol. I really only do my hair and make up if I’m working and even that is minimal and I only turn on the tv for sports or science channel on my lazy day.  (SISS)  What is your favorite meal? What is your favorite book and/or the latest one you’ve read?  What is your favorite song?  (Courtney)  Ahh, food is my favorite subject!! My favorite meal (cheat meal) Caribbean roti: goat or OXTAIL! or (if I’m splurging) shashimi: super white tuna, toro, and taco and then whatever else is in the chef selection platter (that I eat by myself.. :) ).. oh! And any meal at my granny’s house during the holidays! My favorite book is Outliers by Malcom Gladwell  (and Blink) and I’m currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.  My favorite song.. oh this is hard! Born Sinner - J. Cole (the song, although the whole album is my favorite too), Living Room Flow - Jhene Aiko, Water Runs Dry - Boys II Men.... I know you probably meant one song, but there are sooo manyyyyy :).. I’ll stop now.  (SISS)  When do you feel the sexiest?  (Courtney) Courtney BighorseI feel the sexiest usually on my laziest days (cus I’ve earned it) or after a really great workout.. that’s usually why I’m hardly ever dressed up in my IG photos. (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow?  (Courtney)  As I mentioned earlier, David Choe (@davidchoe).. he’s a strange man, but his art is phenomenal. Also, @giulianaavafit she’s great for fitness inspiration, and her dog is adorable. (SISS) What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Courtney)  Smart is so Sexy is breaking away from societies box. It’s a contrast against what the media has been embedding into our heads for so long.. it’s turning women—people back into humans instead of pictures and likes. It expands on actual talents and accomplishments rather than finessing and silicone bodies. Smart is so Sexy isn’t an advertisement, it’s a bold statement. The media wants you to believe that sexy is something you can buy, and physically, that’s true... but Sexy is the type that doesn’t fade or deteriorate over time, it’s an investment into yourself and your mind and time. It’s WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE, not what they choose see.  (SISS)  Thank you so much Courtney, you are awesome, please follow her Instagram @CourtneyMisae she is amazing!

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