with Mary Kaitlin

Posted on 21 June 2016

We recently interviewed Sports Illustrated swimwear model, Miss AL swimsuit, LVIMS finalist in 2015, Mary Kaitlin.  Mary has over 140,000 followers on instagram and this is why Smart is so Sexy.

(SISS).     Hi Mary Kaitlin, we know your work from Instagram, and we love your modeling portfolio, you were featured in Sports Illustrated, can you tell us about that experience?  When I first began a career in modeling I felt it would be appropriate and motivating to set some goals for myself. I didn't want to put limits on how big I could dream, even though I was starting from what most would have referred to as amateur status. I had three top achievements I wanted to put under my belt. One was Sports Illustrated, two was Maxim (which I'm shooting a spread for the first of July), and three I'll keep a secret for now, but it is most definitely in the works. I shot three separate shoots/ locations to get the images I needed for a Sports Illustrated submission. One morning not long after I woke up to see my publication.. it was a moment I'll never forget. 

(SISS).     What was the moment or reason why you began modeling?  It has always been my dream honestly. I've wanted it in some capacity from the time I was old enough to walk. I have a passion that will probably never go away for modeling, art, photography, being a voice for others, showing people it's important to live out your dream, and thinking outside the box. I don't think I was certain at a young age what that looked like for me exactly, but I wanted to help others and stand for causes I believed in, also while tapping into my creative gene. I've found that in modeling and love it to the core. 

(SISS).     Can you share or talk about any business ventures you have going on currently?  I definitely consider myself a business woman. Aside from modeling I have an insurance and real estate license. I've accomplished many of my goals in the insurance industry over the last 4 years, and I'm excited about my new endeavors in the real estate market. My husband and I created an LLC for my fitness/nutrition brand that has recently been launched, we are very excited about where that will go, and the people it will help maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle. 

(SISS).     Where were you five years ago? What were you up to or into?  I actually love this question, and probably not why you think. Exactly this time five years ago I wasn't even close to where I wanted to be. I had changed my college major, disappointed a few by doing so, and honestly had no clue what I was doing. I was interested in pursuing modeling, but too afraid to do it. I was standing on an imaginary line.. jumping forward and then taking steps back of everything I dreamed of doing. I love this question because I did something to change that and I'm so happy I did. I have a lot more to do, so much more I want to accomplish, but I can honestly say the woman I was five years ago isn't disappointed in the woman I am today, in fact she would be proud. 

(SISS).     Can you take us through a typical day? From waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you? I wouldn't say my days are typical. I can also tell you I like saying that. There are days I'm standing by my husband, and life is about his dreams and his career, which I hold as a huge priority to support. There are days that are all about our son and I'm at a Disney park, playing ninja turtles, or making Mac and cheese. There are days I'm traveling for photo shoots and in front of the camera, tapping into my creative side. There are days I'm helping people make huge decisions about the future of the family they provide for by helping them with insurance needs. There are days I'm working on a project, spending time with family, taking time with my little, or just brainstorming new ideas and things I'm passionate about. I live a life I call "all over the place" and I wouldn't change that. 

(SISS).     Five years from now, where do you hope to be? What’s your vision for yourself five years from now? In five years I don't want to say maybe I will, but that I most definitely will. So in five years I'll still be living my life for God, my husband, and our son first and foremost. I'll still be modeling, all three major accomplishments fulfilled. I'll be successful in my real estate endeavors. I'll be helping others accomplish goals they aspire for, and working on brand new goals for my life. I'll also say what I said in the previous question asked.. The woman I am now will be proud of the woman I am five years from now. 

(SISS).     Do you prefer a man who is book smart or street smart? Or must be both? I'll just answer this by saying option three .. and make my own. I think it's over used to label someone as one or the other.. and I encourage others to ask themselves, what defines book smart or street smart really? I personally prefer a man who puts God and family first, holds a career they are passionate about, believes in work ethic, responsibility, personal and spiritual goals outside of work, believes it's up to him to make his dreams a reality, and walks to the beat of his own drum. 

(SISS).     Do you prefer men who spend most of his day in a suit or jeans? Easy question. I fell hard for a man who wears a suit by day, jeans and cowboy boots by night. I like both. 

(SISS).     Social media question, Facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat? Which one do you use the most? I like Facebook to keep up with my friends and family. I love seeing pictures of new babies, and getting updates on accomplishments. If used the right way it can be a place of encouragement and positivity, rather than bashing and blaming. I utilize Instagram to promote myself in the modeling industry, and it's most definitely the biggest tool in that aspect. I don't have snap chat and that's unique to me in the modeling industry, as most models do. I chose to decline participating in that aspect of social media and keep some of my private life just that, private. 

(SISS).     What does smart is sexy mean to you? We live in a world that doesn't always align with this concept. A world of reality television, selfishness, admiring women who are physically beautiful, but with no substance or heart. A world who thinks acceptance is far more important than standing up for a real cause. More oftentimes than not we judge a book by its cover, and determine someone's worth based on what we see. I want to stand for a world that puts being educated, making a difference, and having a beautiful inside above all of those things. I believe without a doubt being smart, compassionate, and beautiful on the inside is what is truly sexy.  I used to love when my grandmother would tell me... "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars" (I have freckles and at the time did not like that so much haha), while this may sound a little silly it reminds me of the concept of this interview ... Because a beautiful women with an ugly and empty inside might as well be a sky without stars.. maybe even add a few rain clouds too ;)


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