Ruth Folarin

Posted on 23 February 2019

(SISS)  Hi Ruth where are you from and where are you currently spending your time?  (Ruth Folarin)  (LOL) This question has always been a difficult one for me to answer. Reason being I was born in Swaziland, raised in (and still reside in) South Africa however by nationality (because of the Heritage of both my parents) I am Nigerian.  I always say I’m from Nigeria because that’s where I feel more accepted and honestly, that’s home.  I currently spend my time in Johannesburg, South Africa.  (SISS)  What was one of the hardest things that you had to go through? What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle?  (Ruth Folarin)  Losing myself. This was the hardest thing I had to go through because (especially for someone like me) I felt like I wasn’t in control of any of my actions, I wasn’t doing things that were aligned with my values & vision. It really was the worst thing ever.  My advice would be to keep God in the center of your life, ask Him for guidance and strength and he will pick you up. Also please, take care of yourself, check in with yourself, love yourself first before you love and go out of your way for others. It’s very easy to lose yourself when you’re not showing up for yourself and putting energy into bettering yourself.  The Bible says “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself” you can’t pour into others with an empty cup sis! Ruth Folarin (SISS) Beauty and Fashion #SISS Tell us more, who is @Ruthxfolarin and what are you most proud of?  (Ruth Folarin)  Content wise, the RuthxFolarin brand is really a mix of everything, quite like me (LOL) but my main focus lies in creating content. Content that is empowering & beautiful. Whether I’m creating the content or others are creating the content using my face or my body. With RuthxFolarin, I try to influence in a relatable way similar to how your friend or neighbor would influence you.  (SISS) One year from now what do you hope to have accomplished (business or personal)?  (Ruth Folarin)  Personally I hope to have a greater and closer relationship with God, I feel like all other accomplishments will flow from that.  And Business wise, I hope to have launched my business this time next year and I wish to have reached the right target market.  (SISS)  What makes you the happiest? What is fun for you?  (Ruth Folarin)  CHILDREN!! Oh my word, children can change my mood in about 0.5 seconds (LOL) My family also makes me really happy and just spending time doing simple tasks with them like laughing & talking is fun for me.  (SISS)  How do you deal with disappointment? How do you Keep Going?  (Ruth Folarin)  Dealing with disappointment in a productive way requires a certain mindset. For me that mindset revolves around the idea that “Everything happens for a reason” First of all, I remind myself to NEVER take things personally, accept it for what it is.  Also I stop myself from making assumptions based on that ONE disappointment, I try to remain optimistic, dust myself off and let it go.  Lastly, I find something to be grateful for. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  (SISS)  What is your superpower?  (Ruth Folarin)  Being myself (LOL) as cheesy as it sounds I believe that me being myself is powerful enough to change the world.  (SISS)  What is your weakness and what do you do to overcome it?  (Ruth Folarin)  I often feel the need to be in control of everything and I feel like I can do everything by myself, I’m also very hard on myself if something I want is not “perfect”.  I try to overcome this by trusting the process & trusting in divine timing. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  (SISS)  Can you tell us four things people might not know about you?  (Ruth Folarin)  I’m an introvert.  I’m a “PK” (pastors kid).  I’m in the process of owning my first business.  I absolutely suck at DIY tasks. (LOL) They’re Ruth Folarinnot for me, hey.   (SISS)  Can you tell us where else can our readers follow your daily inspiration?  (Ruth Folarin)  @ruthxfolarin on Instagram and Twitter as well as ‘Ruth Folarin’ on YouTube.   (SISS)  What’s your favorite quote?  (Ruth Folarin)  “Visualize your highest self then start showing up as her.”  (SISS)  At Smart is so sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business.  What are you most passionate about?  (Ruth Folarin)  I am most passionate about helping people and being someone that people can look to as an example, not in a way that is above them. As I said, I like to influence and empower in a way similar to “the girl next door” or your friend.  (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life and why?  (Ruth Folarin)  My mother. She embodies everything I wish to be, she’s a strong, successful black woman, very positive, extremely kind, compassionate, head strong and she’s a girl boss!  (SISS)  Where were you five years ago? What advice would you tell your five years younger self?  (Ruth Folarin)  Five years ago, I was 14 and like most teenagers, I was just trying to figure myself out. At that age I didn’t have the vision that I have now, my vision was completely different and definitely not in line with who I truly am and where my real passion lies. At that age I already had to start making decisions about my future, like choosing subjects that were in line with what I “wanted to be when I’m older” I definitely I was pressured at that time and made wrong decisions because I mean, I was still trying to figure myself out not to speak of figure my future out.  So my advice to my younger self would be to be gentle with yourself, don’t rush anything, allow yourself to be unsure and make mistakes. Do your own research and don’t listen to what everyone else is doing and what everyone else deems “right”.   (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed?  A typical day for me starts at 06:30, I do my morning devotion/ reading/ meditation (all depending on my mood but I always start my mornings with God) > By around 08:00 I would have ended my quiet time, done my skin and showered. > By 08:30 I’ve had my breakfast. From there it’s always different, depending on my academic timetable, if I have an early class, > Ruth Folarinnormally around 09:30, I’ll take a bus to school and attend my lectures. If my first class is in the afternoon, I use my morning for non-academic related work so that could be some editing or if I have any emails, I’ll answer them or if I need new content, I’ll spend this time creating content. After that I’ll go to my lectures. Normally I’m back home at around 3/4 and I try my best to eat something and get straight to my academic work before relaxing because relaxing as soon as I get home has proven to be a trap! (LOL) > I don’t have a set time as to when I finish my school work but I try to wrap up by 21:30 so I can start my evening routine and this is when I do my evening skin routine, I plan the following day and I once again read/ meditate/ watch a sermon or just pray, I have to end my day with God. > I try my best to be in bed by 11.  (SISS) What is your favorite book and/or the latest one you’ve read?  (Ruth Folarin)  The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho   (SISS)  What would be a good theme song for your life?  (Ruth Folarin)  Thank you, next - Ariana Grande (LOL)   (SISS)  When do you feel the sexiest?  (Ruth Folarin)  In a pair of 478 inch heels (LOL) just kidding, but I love really high heels and wearing them is when I feel the sexiest.  (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow?  (Ruth Folarin)  Teaira Walker. Instagram: @teairawalker  (SISS)  What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Ruth Folarin)  Smart is so sexy means eradicating the common belief that one has to look a certain way to be sexy, to me, Smart is so sexy highlights the fact that intelligence, confidence, self-love, self-awareness, etc. are truly the things that make someone sexy.  (SISS)  Thank you so much Ruth you are awesome #SISS

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