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Posted on 03 July 2018

Meet Rachelle Thompson - We came across Rachelle's page on Instagram and noticed a few things immediately, her awesome photos. Beyond the amazing photos Rachelle is very talented, successful, wise, and intelligent. Rachelle is the definition of Smart is so Sexy.  We are extremely excited to have had the opportunity to interview RachelleRachelle is a host for JussBussTV, Rachelle also has a degree in Psychology.  Rachelle does awesome work with Brawta Living, She is a multitalented woman. On top of all she does, Rachelle is also very much dedicated to fitness.  She has so much to offer and we are honored to share her experience with you all.  (SISS)  Hi Rachelle where are you from and where are you currently spending your time?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I'm from Kingston Jamaica Rachelle Thompson photo by Brandley Bannerand I currently live here.  (SISS)  What was one of the hardest things that you had to go through? What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Loosing my Father.  I would say to anyone going through a similar experience to not let anyone tell you how you're supposed to feel.  Embrace the grieving process and understand that it is necessary to grieve in your own way.  Take time with yourself through the process and don't prolong it longer than it has to be.  Read all the books you can about going through something like this, understand it and come to terms with what has happened.  Try and understand that death is apart of life and find a way to keep the loved ones memory alive without holding on to the pain of their death.  (SISS)  You are very accomplished, woman of substance, psychology, marketing executive, television, host etc.. #SISS Tell us more, who is @Rachierach_876 and what are you most proud of?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Thank you! Who am I? I'm honestly still trying to figure that out.  I'm most proud of the woman I've become and all that I've been through to get me to this point.  I’m tough, and there’s nothing much life can throw at me that I won't be able to handle at this point.  (SISS)  One year from now what do you hope to have accomplished (business or personal)?  (Rachelle Thompson)  One year from now I hope to be better, kinder, smarter, more widely read, making more money, wiser, more patient and have a better relationship with God than I currently do.  If I manage to accomplish all that the rest will come.  (SISS)  How dedicated are you to fitness?  What is your fitness goal?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I'm quite dedicated to fitness.  How dedicated I am to a low fat, low carb diet is a different question all together haha.  However, my fitness goal is to be at 20% body fat and to weigh about 135 Rachelle Thompson photo by Brandley Bannerlbs.  (SISS)  What makes you the happiest? What is fun for you?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Spending time at a beautiful place with the people I love.  Anything in nature is fun for me.  (SISS)  What were your best/worst subjects in school?  (Rachelle Thompson)  My best is anything English.  My worst is anything related to Math, especially Physics.  (SISS)  How do you deal with disappointment? How do you Keep Going?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I evaluate a lot and try to follow the serenity prayer.  I ask myself if it’s a changeable situation.  If it is, I then ask myself if I need to change the situation or rather change how I'm looking at it.  I try to never be disappointed or hurt by the exact same situation twice.  I learn and move on from it.  In my opinion if the same situation arises with the same result it's really my fault and I need to think about how to go about changing it or the result it's bringing me.  (SISS)  What is your superpower?  (Rachelle Thompson)  My ability to empathize with people.  I find I'm quite emotionally intelligent.  (SISS)  What is your weakness and what do you do to overcome it?  (Rachelle Thompson)  When I get upset I find it very difficult to control my mouth.  I tend to get a bit nasty.  It's not something I do deliberately its something that happens automatically.  Still working on that, BUT, I have gotten a lot better.  (SISS)  Can you tell us four things people might not know about you?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I can be a bit of a tomboy.  Don't think you'd know that from my social media.  I'm very analytical.  I'm the type of person you can say random things to even if you don't know me.  I'll respond like I do know you because I love people like that too. I’m extremely independent.  The quickest way you can get me out of your life is by trying to control me in any capacity.  (SISS)  Can you tell us where else can our readers follow your daily inspiration?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Rachelle Thompson photo by @NigelsocrazyCurrently no. But soon :)  (SISS)  What’s your favorite quote?  (Rachelle Thompson)  There are far too many quotes and brilliant people to narrow it down to just one.  But I will say one of my top favourite quotes is: "Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable."  (SISS)  At Smart is so sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business.  What are you most passionate about?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I'm most passionate about helping others and helping them to overcome themselves and the miserable situations we often create for ourselves.  (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life and why?  (Rachelle Thompson)  My Father.  Simply because he was my superman and I was his Princess.  (SISS)  Where were you five years ago? What advice would you tell your five years younger self?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Five years ago I was struggling through financial difficulties and depression to earn my first degree.  I had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety and I was just miserable in general.  I would have told myself to not take things so seriously, be kind to myself and learn patience and discipline.  Many of the difficulties I was experiencing were in my head.  (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Sure: I wake up at about 7:15, eat breakfast which is typically oatmeal or some kind of porridge and get ready for work.  When I get to work I check my emails and the news as well as the company website.  I review the meetings I set for myself from the previous day and add or take away from the list.  After work I either head to a Rachelle Thompson photo by @gstevenropershoot for JussBuss Acoustic (the show that I host) and then go to the gym or head straight to the gym.  Then I go home and finish up any work I have, eat dinner and relax before I fall asleep.  (SISS)  What is your favorite book and/or the latest one you’ve read?  (Rachelle Thompson)  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz  (SISS) What would be a good theme song for your life?  (Rachelle Thompson)  I get knocked down by Tubthumping  (SISS)  When do you feel the sexiest?  (Rachelle Thompson)  When I have my sh*t together.  (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow?  (Rachelle Thompson)  Many people, but who is currently coming to mind is @lexonart  (SISS)  What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Rachelle Thompson)  It means going beyond the realm of physical beauty.  Beauty and attractiveness is so much deeper than what is on the outside.  You can capture a persons attention with your looks but it's your personality and your intelligence that really makes you who you are and gets you to where you need to be in life.  A woman who is intelligent and confident is sexy, regardless.  Her physical attractiveness is simply Brawta in that case.  However, a woman who places all her time and value on her physical attractiveness will quickly see her value melt away.  (SISS)  Well said Rachelle, Thank you so much, please follow her on Instagram @Rachierach_876 Photo Credits to @nigelsocrazy @bradleybanner @gstevenroper 


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