Kristin Carlisle

Posted on 12 May 2018

(SISS)  Hi Kristin, where are you from and where are you currently spending your time?  (Kristin)  I am from Cleveland Ohio and I spend most of my time at the gym.., It's therapeutic.  (SISS)  What was one of the hardest things that you had to go through? What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle?  (Kristin)  I have generalized anxiety disorder. Five years ago it got really bad which caused me to lose a lot of weight so. I was mentally drained in need of a new focus so I did research on weight training in bodybuilding and been hooked every since. My advice is to find a hobby and set goals.  (SISS)  Lover of all things athletic, figure competitor, tell us more, who is @Miz_fittt and what are you most proud of?  (Kristin)  @Miz_fittt is always looking for a challenge love dogs, I have two of my own and willing to try new things, believe it or not a little socially awkward. That's where the name @Miz_fittt originated from, I never really feel like I fit in but I like that about myself now. I am most proud of my first NPC bodybuilding competition. I came first in my class and did it on my own.  (SISS)  One year from now what do Kristin Carlisleyou hope to have accomplished (business or personal)?  (Kristin)  One year from now I plan to have this new business idea up and running but I can't disclose that just yet!  (SISS)  How dedicated are you to fitness?  What is your fitness goal?  On your body, what is your favorite body part and what is your least favorite?  (Kristin)  I'm very dedicated to fitness. I think about ways I can improve. most people would say my favorite body part is my legs and glutes but it's actually my shoulders and traps. My calves are my least favorite by far they are very hard to build.  (SISS)  What makes you the happiest? What is fun for you?  (Kristin)  I feel happiest when I'm vacationing preferably by the beach with a love one and pups and trying new food...I love food!  (SISS)  How do you deal with disappointment? How do you Keep Going?  (Kristin)  I deal with disappointment by talking it out, telling myself to keep going, and start working on a Plan B.  (SISS)  What is your superpower?  (Kristin)  … I think my superpower is being able to read people I am very sensitive to the energy around me.  (SISS)  What is your weakness and what do you do to overcome it?  (Kristin)  My weakness is that I worry a lot so I set goals and work towards then. I redirect my focus so I don't have time to worry.  (SISS)  Can you tell us four things people don’t know about you?  (Kristin)  People don't know I am scared of the dark, I am allergic to chicken, I can draw really well, and I can be awkwardly shy.  (SISS)  Can you tell us where else can our readers follow your daily inspiration?  (Kristin)  I follow @awaken_healers for inspiration.  (SISS)  What’s your favorite quote?  (Kristin)  My favorite quote is “The person who Kristin Carlislesays it cannot be done should not interrupt the one doing it”  (SISS)  At Smart is so sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business.  What are you most passionate about?  (Kristin)  I'm most passionate about helping people set goals… There is more than one way to get execute a plan if the last one didn't work for you.  (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life and why?  (Kristin)  The most influential person in my life is my mother (Brenda Carlisle) We went through some hard times but she always figured it out.  (SISS)  Where were you five years ago? What advice would you tell your five years younger self? (Kristin)  Five years ago I had severe anxiety. I would tell myself to keep going you'll be surprised at what you've accomplished.. it gets better.  (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  (Kristin)  I wake up at 4:40 AM pray, say my daily affirmations, take the dogs out, go to the gym, feed the dogs when I get home, play with them in the backyard, then watch TV and eat dinner. I love the Food Network.  (SISS)  What is your favorite meal? (Kristin)  I wouldn't quite call it a meal but I love homemade parfaits. Salmon and sweet potatoes is a close second.  (SISS)  When do you feel the sexiest?  (Kristin)  I feel sexy is in a new gym outfit, new sports bra, and new sneakers.  (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow?  (Kristin)  @melissasarahwee she's all about loving yourself. She talks about her struggles in the past with anorexia and overcoming it.  (SISS)  What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Kristin)  Smart and sexy needs to recognize we are all imperfect. I know who I am and what I'm capable love. It's the feeling on the inside that counts.  (SISS) Thank you so much Kristin, you are awesome. Photo credit @ArayPhotography 

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