Jamie Lynn Raymond

Posted on 24 April 2018

Meet Jamie Lynn Raymond - Empathy and passion come naturally when discovering user needs and shaping experiences. My specialties prevail in UX design, research, and strategy. Companies trust me to understand their needs and communicate with stakeholders. I'm always looking to learn something new, so I took the initiative to learn to code to work better with developers. You might run into me at a design or technology event in the city. I’m a member of NYC UXPA (UX Professional Association) where I attend events and volunteer. When not obsessing about UX, I practice swimming and other sports, visiting a museum, or bringing my rescue dog Polly to the park. via www.designer.jamielynn.me (SISS)  Hi Jamie, where are you from and where are you currently spending your time? (Jamie) I am from New Jersey, and currently live in New York City, while I pursue my graduate degree at Pratt Institute in User Experience Design. I moved with my rescue dog, 

Jamie Lynn RaymondPolly and who loves exploring city parks.  (SISS)  What was one of the hardest things that you had to go through? What advice would you give someone going through the same struggle? (Jamie) While I have a great support system of family and friends, the hardest thing I had to go through was being independent and living on my own. Sometimes it is tough not having others there to help with bills, chores, etc. In the end it is worth it though, to know I didn't have to rely on anyone else to succeed. (SISS)  A user experience designer located in New York City.  Tell us more who is Jamie Lynn Raymond and what are you most proud of? (Jamie) I enjoy being in New York City while I study, some of the biggest companies are here and the professionals are leading in the industry. I am most proud of the hard work and dedication I proved to get into a competitive graduate school, where I can learn with other students who are also achieving great things. I like to be part of the quickly changing industry in technology here in New York and like to attend UX and technology events to keep relevant. I am surrounded by professors at Pratt Institute who have been in the industry for years and can provide a great knowledge to help advance my career in UX. (SISS)  One year from now what do you hope to have accomplished (business or personal)? (Jamie) In less than a year I will have completed a MS degree in Information Experience Design and searching for a forward thinking organization who is dedicated to an improving peoples lives in some way. I am passionate about using my knowledge as a UX designer to build technology products that are going to make the world a better place. In one year I will be seeking to connect with organizations who aren't afraid to changing the landscape. On a personal level, I will be more focused on dating and meeting new people. It is important to have a strong foundation and support network that supports you and what you do. (SISS)  How dedicated are you to fitness?  What is your fitness goal?  On your body, what is your favorite body part and what is your least favorite? (Jamie) Fitness is a top priority for me, I believe the mind and body work together, when you strengthen your body you are also strengthening your mind. I don't smoke and rarely drink, and I get annoyed with people who smoke around me. I keep active mostly through swimming, yoga, and strength training. I have been teaching private swim lessons for over 10 years, which is a great work out that is also fun! On weekends I like to visit a park for a hike or I head to the beach. Nutrition has always been important to me and I like to cook with fresh Jamie Lynn Raymondingredients that are free of added chemicals. I feel healthiest when I am eating a low carb diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. When I am weight training I focus on getting protein and making protein shakes. My favorite part of my body are my legs and glutes, because this is where my greatest strength is. I have strong kick in the water and enjoy doing squats to keep a strong foundation. The part of my body I like the least is my belly that loses fat last, but though eating healthily and targeted workouts, I can improve this area.  (SISS)  What makes you the happiest? What is fun for you? (Jamie) I am the happiest when I am near the water, I love to swim and going to the beach to relax in the sun. A perfect day would consist of a making a healthy breakfast and getting in a workout before going out for a hike or swim at the beach. I am spontaneous and plan on-the-go, which usually results in unexpected adventures, often with my sister who I am lucky is close to my age and is wiling do things with me. I love to travel and beach destinations are at the top of my list, including South Beach, Pacific Beach, Laguna, and the Jersey shore. I'm looking to explore Europe and want to stop by Ireland and England to see where my relatives are from. (SISS)  How do you deal with disappointment? How do you Keep Going? (Jamie) I deal with disappointment by thinking of how I can learn from it and move forward. I don't like to dwell on failures, and try to find solutions to problems. It is important to look forward and not behind.  (SISS)  What is your superpower? (Jamie) My superpower is vision, I can imagine great ideas and determined to make the best ones a reality. (SISS)  What is your weakness and what do you do to overcome it? (Jamie) My weakness is focusing my attention, I like to explore and overcome this by keeping things interesting.  (SISS)  Can you tell us four things people don’t know about you? (Jamie) Four things people don't know about me: I am the oldest of four siblings and told I'm the meanest, but it's up for debate. Growing up I loved animals and had numerous pets. I had a chicken, rabbit, iguana, snake, cat, dog, gerbil, hamster and even a goat for a pet! I support equal rights for all people and view all people as equal.  I drove from New Jersey to California on a road trip when I graduated from High School. I don't want to make the drive again, but Cali is now my favorite place.  (SISS)  Can you tell us where Jamie Lynn Raymondelse can our readers follow your daily inspiration? (Jamie) You can follow my inspiration on my instagram at @rjamielynn_  and  Resume  at http://designer.jamielynn.me/ (SISS)  What’s your favorite quote? (Jamie) La vie est belle. (SISS)  At Smart is so sexy we love to see women who are thriving in their career or business.  What are you most passionate about? (Jamie) I am most passionate about living life as stress free as possible and enjoying each moment. You never know what can happen in life and I like to be grateful for what I have, instead of what I don't have.  (SISS)  Who was the most influential person in your life and why? (Jamie) The most influential people in my life are my brothers and my sister, because we are all close in age, I like to see them achieving their goals, which gives me motivation. (SISS)  Where were you five years ago? What advice would you tell your five years younger self? (Jamie) Five years ago I graduated from college and wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. I figured it out, but I would tell myself to focus more on the things that matter most like education, income and people that support you. Dwelling on issues or people that are not positive will only hold you back. (SISS)  Can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, Can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you? (Jamie) For me each day is not the same, sometimes I plan things on the go. Usually I like wake up early before 8am and make breakfast. I don't like to sleep in because I feel like I won't get as much done. I will walk my dog then work on assignments at home on my computer. In the afternoon I workout and save sometime to read or watch a TV show. Other days, I travel to visit my family or take a break, but usually have my computer with me so I don't fall behind on work. (SISS)  What is your favorite meal? What is your favorite book and/or the latest one you’ve read? (Jamie) My favorite meal is tacos with fresh ingredients, I will replace the tortillas with lettuce, and of course homemade guacamole. I usually read books from the science genre and am interested in psychology, biology and technology. My favorite fiction book to read is "Wicked", I read the whole series and just recently got to see it on Broadway! (SISS)  When do you feel the sexiest? (Jamie) I feel the sexiest when I have been eating healthy and working out consistently. My body and skin feel good. (SISS)  Is there someone on social media that inspires you and is a great follow? (Jamie) While I believe you can find some inspiration in anyone you meet or see, one of my favorite accounts to follow on instagram is Ashley Graham. She has started a revolution in curvy women in fashion and has begun change the stereotype that women need to be rail thin to be sexy. (SISS)  What does Smart is so Sexy mean to you?  (Jamie) Smart is so sexy mean that sexy is a whole package. Sexy is not only about looks, but a good personality and self love can really make you shine.  (SISS) Thank you so much Jamie, you are awesome, keep up the great work #SISS

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