Aisha Simone Season 2

Posted on 02 June 2020

Meet Aisha Simone - Same girl still on a mission. Bringing my New York hustle living in Dallas that is on a mission to build her brand and empire. I am a business owner and a brand. I own a small consulting company called ASM and Company, I work with individuals who want to be an entrepreneur and small businesses need help. As a lifestyle and product influencer I model and pitch products for promotional purposes such as Marketing Campaigns, Fashion, Beauty and Business Advertisements.  Being a Lifestyle Influencer, I work with restaurants and hotels to create The Experience for the viewers. (SISS)  Hi, Aisha Welcome back #SISS Season 2, The last time we interviewed you, you were living in Frisco, Texas, are you currently there and where is your favorite place to go Frisco and why?  (Aisha Simone)  Yes. I still live in Frisco, in my local area my favorite place to go toAisha Simone is the lake. My family and I enjoy renting jet skis and boats on the weekend. It’s a nice way to relax and enjoy ourselves with friends.  Right now we’re not doing too much of this during quarantine.  (SISS)  As for business during this uncertain time, how has it been for you and do you have any advice for other business owners?  (Aisha Simone) I agree things have been pretty difficult for business owners and employees during this time. For me, I started a women's boutique on IG @jeansbymade and I also Created an Affiliate Program for Influencers and Brand Representatives to help create income for themselves and the business. With consulting, we have been communicating a lot with clients that are wanting to get motivational help. I have services that help them, its a motivation and creative sessions for business owners, Which is a one on one with me. It’s on my website. I’ve been focusing more on these two subjects during this time because we all need to push and drive in new directions.  (SISS)  Entrepreneur | Business Consultant | YouTube | Product Specialist | You wear many hats @aishasimoneofficial What advice would you give young girls who aspire to be just like you?  (Aisha Simone)  I would tell a young inspiring girl that it’s not easy but nothing is easy that’s going to bring you blessings. I didn’t start wearing all these hats in the beginning. My hard work built up to this.  Understanding what made sense, what I wanted to represent and what was going to help me set up my career.  (SISS)  “To anyone that is chasing the Entrepreneur life, fight through the NO’s and find your Yeses.” What was the most difficult setback you had to deal with and how were you able to Keep Going?  (Aisha Simone)  Ignore the ones who don’t believe in you and find individuals that do. Don’t allow a no to stop you, instead use it for motivation and let it push you.  (SISS)  Finish this sentence, I have a dream…?  (Aisha Simone)  That one day I will have my own office with a great team.  (SISS)  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  (Aisha Simone)  Ben and Jerry, the night dough. Cookie dough.  (SISS)  We know that family is very important to you, what is your vision for your family if you don’t mind sharing that with us?  (Aisha Simone)  I don’t have Aisha Simonevision for us outside of Being happy, stay healthy, teach standards, respect and hard work to my son. I think my partner and I do a good job at keeping things simple and family oriented. Outside of the home my partner and I both really focus on our careers.  (SISS)  Finish the sentence, my life has gotten so much better ever since…?  (Aisha Simone)  I understood what my identity truly was and what I represented.  (SISS)  We saw that ASM and Company website is down, is there a reason for that?  (Aisha Simone)  Yes there is, I’ve been rebranding myself to show who I am all around as a Business owner and Brand. Will be my house of Aisha Simone. It will consist of my consulting services, products and lifestyle influencer services and updates about me. This will allow my viewers and Fan base to go to one website and find everything they need to know Under one roof. I think everything I had was spread out too much where I couldn’t keep up with everything. Same as for my viewers. (SISS)  Any personal projects or collaborations you are doing right now?  (Aisha Simone)  Outside of launching my new website and continuing to grow it, I’ve been working on new content I’ve been working with a clothing line located here in Dallas. (SISS)  Currently what is your favorite TV show to binge watch?  (Aisha Simone)  The blacklist! Love that show.  (SISS)  I know we asked you this before but we would love to know currently, can you take us through a typical day? From Waking up to going to bed, can you give us a play by play of a typical day for you?  (Aisha Simone)  Of course, I think I’ve grown from the last time we spoke and made some changes in my everyday routine. When I go to bed I meditate before I go to sleep. That helps me have a full nights rest with a drive and positive mental AISHA SIMONEstate of mind the following day. Before getting out of bed in the morning I take that first 20 minutes and pray and be grateful by saying what I’m grateful for to myself out loud. I do this before I get out of bed. From there I keep it simple, shower, greet my family, cook and I’m in my home office. If I’m Not booked for a gig I’m in my office by 10am to 4pm Monday- Friday.  (SISS)  What would be a good theme song for your life?  (Aisha Simone)  (Aisha Simone)  I don’t even know what’s hot right now but I do like anything Beyoncé, yikes by Nicki Minaj and I am  (SISS)  Most people like to follow greatness or someone who they aspire to be like, can you give us an example of what type of food you would eat throughout the day? (Example breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner). What is your current diet like?  (Aisha Simone)  I’m such a foodie, I love to eat but these days since I been booking more shoots, I need to stay in shape. I cut a lot of carbs out.  I focus on working out four times a week, drinking tea twice a day, salad 3-4 times a week, avocado toast, protein (peanut butter, eggs and chicken) one cheat day a week. Maybe two. I started eating diner earlier also, that plays a big part. I haven’t eaten red meat in months, I replaced it with ground turkey meats instead. Turkey chili, turkey burgers or turkey spaghetti for example.  (SISS)  In the line of Entrepreneurship, if you could give your five years younger self advice what would you say to her about business?  (Aisha Simone)  I would say we came a long way, I don’t regret anything I’ve done or mistakes I’ve made. I’ve leaned my Identity in the years of hustling, I learned a lot about people and understanding what it takes not only as a business owner but Aisha Simonealso an individual.  (SISS)  What is your favorite place to shop and why?  (Aisha Simone)  Neiman Marcus, I can find good highs and lows there plus they have really good sales.  (SISS)  Something personal to you like a relationship or family, if you could give your five years younger self advice what would you say to her?  (Aisha Simone)  I would say good job with building your confidence. I think it goes back to understanding what my identity was. I’ve made mistakes and hung out with the wrong people, got in the wrong business deals, been used, I’ve been stolen from and all of that has created a strong, confident unbreakable woman.  (SISS)  Where do you get your daily motivation or where do you look for inspiration?  (Aisha Simone)  YouTube daily motivational speeches or meditation, sometimes look at the things I’ve done or doing to help me create what’s next.  (SISS)  Being shy, especially in front of a camera is something a lot of people struggle with, what are some tip in overcoming this struggle?  (Aisha Simone)  Girl I’m very shy too. I still struggle and it takes me multiple clips to get it get it right. I will say this, I have a camera with a flip screen to see myself that’s helps me. It takes time, when I’m modeling I’m in my alter ego and I’m in a zone. When I’m video recording for YouTube it’s a different feeling that I’m still working on.  (SISS)  Finish this sentence, Smart is so Sexy is…?  (Aisha Simone)  The way every woman should see themselves first(SISS)  Thank you so much Aisha, thank you for inspiring all of us, Keep Going #SISS

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