A Beautiful Struggle

Locksley Gayle

Posted on December 18 2016

A Beautiful Struggle

I believe there is a lot more to life than what's in front of us everyday. Things that we don't see, people that you never met that are counting on you for help. I also believe that "We all Struggle" but when you see how others struggle, it could change things for you. Every year our goal is to raise money from the sales of our "Smart is so Sexy Shirts" and get other donations to send backpacks and school supplies to children in Jamaica. In September 2016 we are able to bring 50 backpacks with school supplies and two kindle tablets along with snacks for a small school called North Hampton PCI, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. These kids were so happy and grateful for the gifts. Someone donated sunglasses and they loved it. Something so small as sunglasses put the biggest smile on their faces. These kids and this area of Jamaica are extremely poor. Some of the kids had no shoes on while in the classroom. At the end of our visit to the school, the teacher of the school (Ms. Rose) said, "If we didn't bring it then they wouldn't have it."



We Started a hashtag #PhotoForCharity for our #ChildrenInJamaica campaign. It's been very difficult to get donations from large companies. We reached out to many companies who sell school supplies and backpacks asking them to donate backpacks or school supplies. The answer is usually the same they that they are already involved in other donations and is unable to help at this time. Most of our help comes from the people who purchases our shirts from our website. Other help comes from influencers who believe in what we are trying to accomplish.

A very special thanks to Emira Kowalska. Emira is known on Instagram @EmiraFoods for her comedy and her love for Veganism.



We are new to LinkedIn and we would love to make some connections that could advance our cause and yours. We would also like to be more involved in the LinkedIn community and help and connect with you all. Please send us a message or email (info@smartissosexy.com) if you would like to collaborate in some way. We would Love it if you could share this article. Thank you!

Another very special thanks to Ayana I Gibbs. @Ayanaiman She's Professional Speaker, Life Coach and many more.



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