Kristin Douglas also Beyonce's Cousin

Posted on 11 April 2016

Beyonce's Cousin Kristin DouglasGET Your Smart is so Sexy T-Shirt Thank YOU for your support.  First, a very Big Thank you goes out to Kristin Douglas also our Condolences to her for losing her Uncle Skip. The image above went vial after it was posted by Beyonce's cousin Kristin.  The image got many people's attention including ours.  I started to go through @SimplyKristinMD profile and started reading it.  Kristin is a mom and a Nurse from Houston Texas.  Smart is so Sexy loves nurses, they save lives, they work when we sleep and on holidays when we are home with our families.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to send Kristin Smart is so Sexy Shirt?  At that time Kristin did not have nearly the amount of followers she does now. So we sent her a 

DM but no response.  You would imagine the amount of DM's she is getting.  We kept looking back on her page and one morning there was an email address in her bio. We sent her management company an email about our company and our goals and how Kristin could help us attain those goals.  Team Kristin was so wonderful to accept. Not long after sending Kristin our Smart is so Sexy shirt, she posted a photo on instagram Thanking us. But the honor was hours and on behave of the Children In Jamaica, we are sending a Big Thank you to Kristin Douglas.

Kristin Douglas Beyonce's CousinDear Kristin Douglas My name is Locksley Gayle and I'm originally from Jamaica, I’m currently residing in Kissimmee, FL.  I recently reached out to Kyra Hardwick via email and expressed the reason for sending you this shirt. I have worked at Publix Supermarket Inc. for 15 years in our IS department.  I recently decided to bet on myself and build my dream, so effectively as of January 29, 2016 I have resigned.  As Steve Harvey recent video that went viral said "Once in your life, Jump" so I jumped.  I've been working on a T-Shirt company for 2 years now and I've decided to work on my dream full time. It’s a cool shirt, it says Smart is so Sexy and we want to show that it’s more than their looks that make a woman sexy. Beyond the shirt and the brand, we support children in Jamaica. We provide backpacks and school supplies to the Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. We are asking if you could help us bring more attention to our #PhotoForCharity #ChildrenInJamaica Campaign. It will be an awesome blessing if you could take a photo wearing the #SmartisSoSexy shirt and mentioning us @MergeBy and What we are trying to accomplish, helping kids in need #ChildrenInJamaica . I could just imagine and dream of the impact you could make in my life and many others with one post. We are hoping and praying that you consider us, please and thank you. #KeepGoingSISS #PhotoForCharity

Instagram/Twitter @MergeBy (video of children in Jamaica)





Locksley Gayle


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  • bdnosxybnj: March 19, 2021

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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